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Zoran’s Wedding Tips and Suggestions

He finally proposed and you said Yes! Congratulations ❤️!! Let’s Get started with basics…

Wedding Coordination

First make sure that you have an experienced wedding coordinator (wedding planner, wedding director), that can bring your dream wedding into reality. Moms and family members mean well and are willing to assist, but an experienced wedding coordinator is your BEST option. Having someone experienced at wedding coordination, and not a member of the wedding party, makes your wedding day go much smoother. Your coordinator can focus on the small details and scheduling, and your wedding party can focus on the bride and groom and enjoying the day! A day-of coordinator will be sufficient for most weddings and is MONEY WELL SPENT.

Selecting Your Date, Location, Time of Day


Everything on this special day should reflect your personality and lifestyle. This will become a big production with little to no rehearsal. You and your fiance have the main roles. You will be in the spotlight, hopefully without stage fright 😁.

An experienced wedding coordinator will assist you with preparation and expectations.

Selecting Your Wedding Date

Any combination of numbers for your big day is good. Since most couples (Brides) choose a date that will be easily remembered for future anniversaries (Grooms 😉 ). I am sure you know that most weddings take place on a Saturday one hour before the sunset, also called Prime Time. Consider choosing a weekday or even a Sunday wedding, because venues and vendors offer better pricing then. Our recommendation is to avoid holiday weekends… due to increased prices in general, so much more traffic for travel, and higher prices due to higher demands… plus establishments that are stretched thin and still struggling to keep staff (thanks to pandemic supply chain and hiring difficulties).

Selecting Your Wedding Venue / Wedding Location and Wedding Reception

Once you have the date set in place, immediately lock in your dream venue. Barn house weddings, beach weddings, ballroom weddings, back yard wedding, boat cruise. For convenience, consider hosting your marriage ceremony and wedding reception all in one location.

An experienced wedding coordinator can assist with location search based on your desires and budget. Narrow it down to three choices, then schedule a tour of each venue. When choosing the right location, consider the following details:

  • Accessing the venue early
  • Allows vendors to decorate and set up , sound check
  • Where are electrical breakers (Just in case)

Selecting the Best Time of Day for your Wedding

Most weddings are late afternoon/ early evening events. Your wedding coordinator can design a custom wedding day timeline, so you can relax and enjoy the day. Getting a good night of sleep is also important in determining the wedding day timeline.

The Best Way to Plan Your Wedding

Bottom line… the sooner you can work with an experienced wedding coordinator, the sooner you can benefit from their advice and experience. Most will offer a complimentary consultation, and will be available by appointment.

We’d love to work with you on your special day! Get in touch here or reserve your date here.

Smooth as silk, Zoran's voice says to your guests that your event is a class act. Polished and poised, Zoran and his crew never miss a beat and know how to play to the crowd's precise mood. Plus, he's just a good heart and a warm soul who actually cares about the people he works with and for. Hire Zoran, and relax. It's all under control.

– Momentus Films, Wedding Videographers

Zoran has a wide variety of music for your beach wedding or event. He's fun and professional, all at the same time. He will make your event memorable by working with you to pick the perfect mix of music that fits your style.

– The Post Daisy Salon & Spa, Wedding Hair & Makeup

Thank you for making our day so special.

– Judy & Rick

My fiance' and I are looking to get married in Rosemary Beach area. My mom and dad, Carey and Ann H. had you as their DJ in August 1993 at Tops'l in Destin, FL. They said that you made their reception the night of their life and even my grandparents still talk about that wedding!!! I'd love to get to know more about you and possibly have you for our wedding!

– Cassidy H.

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